Top 10 Restaurants in Miami & South Beach – Part 1

  1. Prime 112:

Prime 112 is Miami’s first hotel ever built in 1915. It is a boutique steak house chef-driven hotel. An innovative menu is offered in the female friendly environment. Prime 112 stirs the typical menu into an innovative superior cuisine. Its different versions of Mac and cheese, tuna tartare and creamed spinach have been a worldwide craze. From truffled lobster Mac and Cheese to Dry-age Beef is presented. Every item presented is spiced up with a different twist as they are dedicated to their work. The evolving menu has been touched with classiness and has been presented in a lively arena of seating. The large scale allows the guests to freely move around however gets quite full as more diners move in to enjoy the experience.

From the soft country music and electrical mix to the aroma of the fresh ingredients is delivered in the most elegant way possible. Prime 112 invades the senses in the most constructive way that makes it with the most sought reservation in the city. The diners often are expected to wait as reservations are made and customers are still making reservations for the next session to experience it’s delicacies that are rich in taste n are served with the best spices from around the world.

It’s a steakhouse without any comparison. The sizzling dry age beef is presented classically topped with choice sauces like peppercorn, curry mayo, mustard, butter etc. Other infamous dishes are the forest mushrooms and rum baked sweet plantains. The stylized desserts presented are chocolate pudding cake that is fashioned with cherries and sweet cream.

Prime 112 Miami’s sexy décor is sleek and black as the exterior while the interior presents its own elegance. The modern details of the restaurant are relived with its blend with the historic structure giving it a stylish atmosphere.

The blend of out standing service and tangy dishes charms the palate as well as the audience’s eyes. The waffles, fried chicken and kobe sliders are the all time favorites. The saucy steaks are worth every penny as every bite takes you to the other side showing the exotic flavors of all time. The choices are endless at prime 112. It is one of the most successful steakhouses in the USA and favorite of the celebrities from around the world. It’s worth the wait and money. The fried Oreos leave the diners craving for more. The place buzzes cool vibes and makes the guests comfortable in their places as the waiter staff takes the order. The staff proves to quite friendly making the environment friendly and comfortable. The dishes are known to be served in huge portions that are enough for 3-4 people to share. The creamed spinach and parmesan chips are massive that can be easily distributed into four. The food is cooked to its perfection with the high quality ingredients. The heavenly dishes are enjoyed by the taste buds and are savored by every bite.

The main dish is luscious and the side dishes are just another blow with the surprise. The delicacies are rich with the terrific addition of the sauce that flows in. This place welcomes couples, families, singles as well as group of friends. It is a blend of people who visit from around the world and the celebrities delighting the place to an even greater extent.

Advance reservations should be made as the restaurant gets overflowing with the awaiting guests to have the terrific experience of richness, taste, and the blend of sauces and cheese. The prices range from $25 and above, though the restaurant is expensive, but it is just another dimension of taste for the diners that visit. This can be a heavenly experience for those who can afford it.

2. Baoli Miami Beach:

Baoli Miami is a famous restaurant that was opened in 1999. It has added a beautiful style to dining and nightlife of the people. The restaurant in designed in an exquisite manner from an amalgam of various patterns of France sophistication and Miami’s vibrancy, all together at a single place. The tables and chairs are arranged in a manner amid the sparkling lights.

Menu: The menu contains a wide range of recipes from the local Miami traditions, French, Italy and Spain cuisine. They are made from fresh ingredients. They have Mediterranean dishes, cocktails, wines, and champagnes also served at the place. Here I am going to mention the name of the dishes that are served in their menus. They have their professional chefs who know exactly how to make the food palatable. Many types of desserts, appetizers, and drinks are available. Once you visit Baoli Miami, you will get lost in the thoughts as which dish to order because every dish has its own very delicious mixture of the ingredients. Some of the main dishes are mentioned here. You can look for the ingredients in the restaurant recipes cards.

Desserts: Auke Crème, Chocolate Fondant, Nutelle Chorros,  Misu Tiramisu, Hangiri platter, Icecream Keitsu, Erotic berries and fruits.

Appetizers: spicy Edamame, Shishsito peppers, lobster tempura, roasted beets, Baoli sliders, burrata salad, crispy shrimps, calamari arare, roasted octopus, Miso soup, and Quinoa Salad.

Entrees: Beef Tomahawk, seafood platter, and Snapper duo.

Sushi and Sashimi: It includes Baoli roll, Sumo roll, temptation roll, rock n’ roll, mango tango, tempura salmon, Godzilla roll, tuna roll, and hamachi jalapeno.

Cocktails: Spicy Paloma, granmam’s, summer elyx, pearl spirit, peaches rich, avion rouge, and beluga maritini.

Music: The music further adds a life to the restaurant. Many renowned artists have played their music albums in the restaurants on many special occasions. The lounge keeps playing the melodies all the time, to enhance the lively nature of the restaurant. The environment gets rolled up in the disco style with those tunes, and people get up from their seats for the dances. The heavenly food along with an enjoyable music develops the beautiful environment, perfect for the outings.

Private Events: The Baoli South beach is an ideal place for the arrangements of the various events. If you have got some important event coming up, just get your bookings done on their contact numbers. The numbers of events that are arranged on weekly basis are a lot. Some of the most commonly arranged events include:

Product launches: Many product launching ceremonies had been held at Baoli Miami. The place makes a perfect environment for the products promotions. Many people love to visit the place; the adequate media coverage adds another benefit in the promotion of products.

Fashion shows: There had been many fashion shows of the top most brands arranged over here. A lot many corporations attended those fashion shows. The beautiful ambiance and the gleaming lights of different colors make the dresses to stand out already, without even the need to put more focus on camera lights or extra sources of lights arrangement.

Social Gatherings: The place serves as best for various social gatherings. The menu goes in combination with any of the gatherings. Either it’s a birthday event, Christmas, weddings or any other similar gatherings, the place stands out best for them.

Business Events: Many huge companies prefer to set up the business celebrations at the Baoli South Miami; the reason is the elegant design along with a perfect cuisine.

The Baoli Miami South Beach is a place specifically designed for the parties. It can be taken as an example of a classical nightclub; a place for all sorts of events and a unique dine-out setting.

3. STK South Beach:

STK Miami Beach is a steak house located in the Miami Beach, Florida, USA. The hotel is unique in style concerning its location and the menu both. The general knowledge regarding the timings, menu and the occasion’s offers, shall be provided in the article.

To start first by the opening hours, so the STK Miami Beach hotel stays open throughout the week. The specific timings from Monday to Saturday are 6 pm to 12 pm. On Sunday, the timings are from 6 pm to 11 pm.

STK Miami Menu:

Just to give you an essence of the delicious menu served, as daily offers or the special events. The names of their dishes are mentioned for you to easily spot them once you visit the restaurant. Your favorite dish may be lying in the items that are going to be mentioned here. The further details regarding the ingredients of each dish can be sought out in their menu cards:

Cocktails: Orlando pride, apple bottom, strawberry cobbler, green intensity, cucumber stiletto, Ginger mojito, Stk mule, spiced passion and age of stage.

Desserts: Lime Pavlova, Apple crumb cake, Bag o’donuts, baked cookies, lime bars, and ice creams.

Salads: Baby lettuce ceaser, Tina’s bride tomatoes and Burrata, blue iceberg, Quinoa and crispy kale.

Appetizers: beef tartare, Hokkaido scallops, Jumbo crab cake, Tuna tartare, Neuske’s bacon, Shrimp found, Spanish octopus,

Dinner: NY strip, and steaks of different flavored recipes.

STK Toppings: Peppercorn crusted, truffle butter, Foie Butter, Lobster, shrimp, king crab and farm eggs.

Stk sauces: Stk bold, Au Poivre, chimichurri, horseradish, blue butter, red wine, and béarnaise.

Entrees: Fried chicken, lamb, braised ribs, lobster Rockefeller, Tuna and market fish.

Sides: Creamy potatoes, corn pudding, truffle fries, Asparagus, tater tots, broccoli, foraged mushrooms, creamed spinach and cheddar grits.

Besides being a place to sit and eat, it has a lot added features too. It has got all the things required to make a party-settings over there. Throughout the year, the STK beach hotel is utilized for the various gatherings and meetings. Just to tell briefly about their special occasion settings:

Birthdays: If you have your own upcoming birthday or any of the surprise birthday parties you want to plan for your friends or relatives, STK Miami is best. You just need to get your bookings done now. The hotel has a vast experience in arranging the birthday events. The entire environment gets customized with the balloons and ribbons presenting an enchanting and fascinating view. The colored curtains flowing in the backgrounds of you cake table, add up to the beauty of the event. You can have the cake ordered as per your desire. All sorts of cakes with the unique outlooks can be made. The STK hotel makes all the arrangement beforehand and lets you review them for any errors or changes to be made, before the day of the event.

Gatherings: It’s just not the birthday parties, all other sorts of gatherings can also be arranged. You can have any of the private events arranged over here. It can be any of your business party, engagement parties or meetings etc. Just get a reservation of place for yourself on time. Make sure to do this a lot in advance as the STK South Beach remains equipped with the lists of events all the year round. After your bookings have been done, the restaurant will make sure to provide the ambiance designed in concordance with the event. The menu will all get rolled up to further add the flavors in the event.

STK south Beach is an exemplary restaurant for mouthwatering food. The servings for the various events can be modified to make them look more palatable as per the event’s theme.

4. Milos:

Milos Miami, an open kitchen restaurants that shares the flavors of Greece in exotic a unique ways. The supreme quality food is presented in a way that attracts diners and engages them in its aroma and taste. This restaurant presents a vast variety of the Mediterranean delicacies, vegetarian foods, sea food and Greek meals. Its Greek cuisine is known on the international level awarded by the diners and is in its rightful place. One of the most famous desserts of all time is the Greek yogurt which gives the diner the original taste of Greece.  The Milos Miami have long lasting and good relations with the small scale fisheries, producers and growers that provide them with the daily fresh fish to prepare their daily meals.

This casual dining arena is wide and is best for Business meeting, families with children, large groups, special occasions, romantic dates and bar scenes. It however has a private dining area which is library styled and its books are shipped from Greece. Wheelchair accessible places are also available. Free wi-fi is available which adds up to the joy as the diners share their experience with the world. Milos is full of surprises as the entrance is trumpeted. The waiters bring oregano plants that are quite small and potted, along with a pair of shears that are brought to the table.  The herb is snipped into a Greek olive oil dish that accompanies crusty country bread which are sliced and grilled.

The diners are escorted to the kitchen front where the Mediterranean foods are displayed on bevy ice; the guests may select their meal as fish for the first time if they choose to do so. The fish are as fresh as can be and is said that if the fish were to be even fresher, they’d swim right into your plates. They look so fresh as if they are ready to jump back into water. The eatables are offered with hospitality and are prepared authentically.

Milos has been opened in the Miami Beach in 2012 and has been storming in the world with its superb quality ingredients and extraordinary cuisines.

Milos is one of the finest restaurants on Miami Beach. The amazing décor and the loft style arrangement make it inviting and delightful. The beautiful and clean restaurant has a vast area making it open and not crowding, thus giving it a decent look.

The food is spectacular, the less familiar sea delicacy includes, fagri, tsipoura, skorpina and milokopina. It definitely is surprising to be presented with such seafood in Miami. Yes they are expensive but extremely delicious. The prices usually range from $50 per pound and above. They offer around 300 types of wine and 90% are from Greece. The meats are also in varieties such as grilled and dry-aged. The zucchini and eggplant are towered with kefalograviera cheese and a pool of tzatziki is known as the “Milos special”. The vegetarians are offered with roasted garlic, baby beet and mint yoghurt, grilled vegetables along with haloumi cheese and wild mushrooms grilled with thyme. The Greek salad is also very famous for its reasonable price and its mouthwatering taste. The infamous Miami spice deal attracts the customers for an even more delighting experience. This consists of charcoal grilled octopus and sauced lamb chops.

They have deals varying from $24 per person to $49 per person. Both are reasonable according to their number of courses per meal. For example the $24 meal consists of 2 course lunch and $49 deal consists of four course dinner. They offer Hellenic splendor and supreme quality food to the people who can afford them.

5. Komodo Miami:

The combination of South East Asian cuisine and south Florida’s vibes are presented by the komodo Miami. It delights the Brickell neighborhood with its three story lounge that is indoor as well as outdoor. The lobster dynamite, tuna and toro roll, and peking duck are the all time favorites. Handicraft cocktails are offered in the three bars of this 300 seated, on the next level restaurant. This is known to be the best place for the nightlife experience and the flavorsome delicacies brings the night to life. To experience the perfect treehouse experience, signature floating “birds nest” seating is offered. It is just the perfect spot for any occasion whether it is day or night. This restaurant is open seven days a week to welcome their guests and honour them with their desired meals.

The interior is designed with red ceilings, bamboo like pillars and semi-circular compartments. The outdoor is best for small groups, these garden features of the famous bird nests. The kitchen is glass enclosed where the chef hangs the birds that wear the golden tan. The interior further is slashed with neon spears and nests.

The food is exotically influences by the worldwide taste such as Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Asian menu. The ride among the taste and flavors are on a whole new level, from the lobsters to the black truffles.

This nocturnal friendly restaurant varies in different prices, the starters are usually priced from $14 onwards and the mains start from $30 and onwards. The unique spin is offered by presenting the sushi rolls and mushrooms that are styled by the black truffles. The “lobster dynamite” is a part of the mini plates as well as the duck fried rice, lamb rings and the lobster onion rings. The cabbage stuffed egg rolls are served with spicy mustard that adds up to elegance of the restaurant. The salmon tacos are loved by the people. The Asian classics are redesigned to trendy dinners. Dumplings are offered of every kind whether vegetable or meat. One of the best starters is the octopus nibs are plain but still refreshes the taste buds. The salads are made with a passion of fruits with sesame seeds and avocado slices.

The mains are much more delish, with white truffle broth and mushrooms, the Chilean sea bass are topped with truffles. Lime chicken and grilled Szechuan are also part of the mains. The perking duck service and tuna porterhouse can be picked up by the bigger appetites.

Desserts are also given full attention to its fashion fabulous presentation that is usually ice-cream, with its exotic flavors such as the pina colada, coconut, green tea custard. Sponge cake and white chocolate are part of this unique dessert section. It’s an Asian restaurant but has the blend of different areas around the world that takes the diner on a roller coaster of enjoyment and fun experiencing the joy of Asian culture in Miami.

The bird nests are served with pancakes with hoisin sauce along with the cucumbers. The most popular dessert however is the “nutty bar” that consists of large number of ingredients. Most of the things are highly priced but it’s just worth the place and food that are given.

The seating reservation is quite tough especially on the weekends. Finding some space to stand by the bar is also tricky. The place is inviting with its soft music on the entry complimenting to the delicacies. The place is energetic as chaotic scenes might be witnessed on the Thursday nights, the stuff is however very welcoming. It can get pricey but is worth the flavor and presentation.

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