Best Brunch Spots in Miami Beach

Let's face it; Miami has built a reputation for its legendary nightlife: a place where partying doesn't skip a beat. Whether you're looking for a champagne-filled Sunday afternoon on the beach or a chilled-out Monday night of bowling and cool beats, Miami always delivers. Well, that's because Miami's nightlife is hot! In fact, few cities can rival what Miami promises when it comes to partying. From the warm weather, a Spanish flair, big beaches, world-class DJs, to skimpy clothing, beautiful people, perfect mojitos and all-night fun, you'll never lack a glitzy party going on in every part of the 305.
Much like traffic and heat, amazing night scenes never stop in Miami. There's a galore of activities going on in Miami at night that quite literally becomes day life with no break in between. We're talking about a city where you might find yourself at a bar at noon, probably hop to another one for a happy hour at 5 p.m., head with friends to a live show at 10 p.m., sweat it out at a night club by midnight and find yourself at a lounge by 3 a.m. and end it at one of Miami taco shops by dawn.As they say, you haven't actually seen the best of Miami nightlife until you've witnessed the sunrise on its famous and incredible Terrace. But before indulging aimlessly, let's present to you the best things to do in Miami. In short, this is a super guideline on how to party like a rock star in the 305. You'll probably be rubbing shoulders with the celebs that you've only been seeing on Access Hollywood and E!. Best Restaurants and Brunch Spots in South Beach.
Whether you're planning to club hop in South Beach or looking to discover the best that Downtown and Wynwood has to offer, Miami is a fun-loving city with revelers who know how to turn up. One of the most important parts of turning up is ensuring that you're well-filled before hitting the lights. In other words, you should be well-stocked stomach wise before hitting the party scene. That's basically why we have to first present best restaurants and brunch spots where you can have some of the best dishes in Miami.
Bacon Bitch:
Located on 9th street in Collins Avenue in South Beach, the Bacon Bitch is no longer known just for its famous bacon for breakfast. This is because their bacons are not similar to the nostalgic bacon you used to eat at your grandma's. This is a unique restaurant that's known to bring some good vibes in the South Beach with its thick, bold, and sexy attitude.
The Best Fast-Casual Restaurant in Miami. Having been recently voted Miami's best fast-casual restaurant, Bacon Bitch is a late-night eatery that will perfectly fuel you as you go about your nightlife escapades in Miami. Located at the historic Franklin Hotel, Bacon Bitch not only takes your breakfast to a whole new level but also offers a wide selection of bacon-inspired dishes.
For example, the American sandwich is made of thick-cut pieces of long-smoked Nueskes bacon, freshly baked artisanal croissant, a hash brown egg, and syrup. As you can see, this is a hearty American sandwich that you'll rarely find in many other places. And if you're a health-conscious tourist looking for healthy options, you'll find dishes such as the boujee salad with yellow tuna.
Whether or not you've been hearing the buzz about Bitch Bacon, it's arguably the best breakfast and brunch spot in Miami if not in the entire country. While some of the names and languages on the menu will have you confused, you'll enjoy the snacks. The good vibes on offer will be a great way to welcome you to the legendary South Beach.
The Palace
Every queen in South Beach definitely needs a palace. Luckily, there's one palace in South Beach for all queens and kings. Aptly named the Palace, this is the first and only LGBT bar and restaurant on the Ocean Drive.
The Palace was originally located on 12th Street where it was popular with tourists thanks to the drag queens running the show on a daily basis, 365 days a year! However, it was moved further south to the beach and now comes with a large patio, but with the same vibes that made it popular.
A Great Place for Brunch
The renowned Palace is undoubtedly a great place for brunch either as a solo traveler or with friends and family. For roughly $40 per person, you'll have your brunch while watching amazing shows lasting over two hours. From veggie frittata, Belgian waffles to bloody marys and the bottomless house of mimosas and many more, you'll never lack fantastic dishes to enhance your Miami experience.
Fantastic Drag Show
Don't be surprised to see beautiful drag show performers running the show on the street. They love interacting with the crowd and vehicles alike. They'll stop traffic, put on a great show to folks who aren't lucky enough to enjoy brunch at the Palace.
The Palace is, without doubt, home to glittering queens and drag performances that will attract even more tourists. Make sure you reserve a table and come with some dollar bills to tip the incredible performers. Keep in mind that the Palace is a uniquely different place with different vibes. You'll happily fill your stomach while enjoying captivating shows on offer.

Nikki Beach Miami (Best to go on Saturdays)
From its inception 20 years ago in 1998, Nikki Beach has quintessentially become a South Beach Landmark. This outdoor fantasy-land sprawls over a stretch of land and is rightly known as the Sexiest Place on Earth.
Located on the Ocean Drive, Nikki Beach is the hidden jewel of South Beach offering a unique gourmet dining experience in Miami. If you're hungry, look no further; Nikki Beach has the best dishes that will fill you up before you hit the dance floor.
Almost akin to Playboy mansion but in the jungle, Nikki Beach is always filled with gorgeous people lounging around and drinking from the tiki bars. It's so popular with deep-pocketed men and buxom beauties looking for sumptuous dishes, biting, and lots of drinks.
When to Go
Saturdays belong to Nikki Beach. Known as Amazing Saturdays, the party often starts with brunch at 11 a.m. and goes on till 3 a.m. You'll have to appreciate yourself if you can make it that long. But even if you only spend a few hours at Nikki Beach, you'll have one of the best times in Miami. Just don't forget to make a quick dip in the ocean and lounge on the sand.
What to Wear
As you already know, Nikki Beach is literally a beach restaurant and so beach clothing is totally normal and acceptable. In essence, think about it has a beach party where skimpy clothing is fully acceptable. With that in mind, do not be surprised if you see patrons sitting down for brunch in their bikinis. Just remember not to dress like a visitor; immerse yourself into the beach vibe and you'll never feel out of place.
Saturday Brunch
You should never miss brunch at Nikki Beach if you happen to be in the 305 by the weekend. There are various dishes that will whet your appetite. It would be a complete disgrace to miss! From a buffet-style spread, waffle station, omelet station to freshly carved prime rib, shrimp, sushi, paella and many more, there are a plethora of options. Just do not forget about the mimosas.
The Bazaar by Jose Andres (Best to go on Sundays)
Spearheaded by Made in Spain star Jose Andres, the Bazaar offers an adventurous take on various flavors from around the world. Whether you're looking to sample a flavor from Spain, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Singapore or Miami's Latin America, the Bazaar is the place to be.
Located on 1701 Collins Avenue Suite 100 at the heart of South Beach's Art Deco District, you'll come up close and personal to a mix of vibrant and sophisticated cuisines. You'll also be in for playful theatrics and of course artful service. You may have been to the Bazaar in Las Vegas or Beverly Hills, but the one in South Beach openly and vividly shows the Latino spirit of South Beach.
A World-renowned Restaurant
This world-renowned restaurant is made of both indoor and outdoor lounge spaces. Dining there on Sundays surpasses fete extraordinaire with patrons enjoying culinary experiences that can only be imagined unless Andres, the culinary icon, is involved. Imagine eating at a restaurant that is led by a celeb chef who believes that vegetables and fruits are sexy while meat is boring! A must-try at the Bazaar is the ubiquitous tuna crispy rice.
Known as the Neptune's pillow, this amazingly sumptuous dish features air bread that's stuffed with traditional tuna mix and topped with tuna sashimi with a hint of lemon zest, soy, and wasabi. The Sort of Place where you'll Always Return
For the last seven years since its inception in 2012, Andres has made it his responsibility to make the Bazaar the type of place where diners want to return on a regular basis. The crowd is not only fancy but unpretentious. The service is smooth, the dishes are quite affordable, and you'll probably be carried away by the sweet breeze on a Sunday afternoon.
With branches in NYC, LA, Sao Paulo, St. Tropez, and St. Barth, you can't actually expect anything short of spectacular in Bagatelle, Miami. While people may be frying outside in the scorching sun of South Beach, you'll probably never know if you're inside Bagatelle.
From pop art curated art gallery, the beautiful chandeliers to an extensive list of champagnes, Bagatelle doesn't look or feel like a famous brunch restaurant. Led by Matthieu Godard, Bagatelle is a modern French restaurant located on 202 21st Street in South Beach. It not only redefines the French Mediterranean dining experience but is also beautifully designed to give visitors to Miami a feeling that can only be experienced in the South of France.
Infamous Brunch
Forget about the super girls serving champagne and the non-stop stream of patrons dancing their hearts away, you'll be taken away by the type of dishes on the menu. From a tortilla with goat cheese and chorizo to an endless list of burgers, Bagatelle is infamous for its brunch. Whether you are looking for things to do in Miami on a Friday night or on a Sunday afternoon, Bagatelle is a lovely place with plenty of food that will give you an authentic feeling of the Mediterranean.
The Incredible Hulk
Whether or not the Incredible Hulk is your thing, Bagatelle turns into a nightclub after dinner. Remember, every day is also everyone's birthday so popping bottles and sparklers will be available on almost every table. And whether or not you'll be rubbing shoulders with celebs who love flocking this restaurant, you won't have to blow your entire trust fund on a single bottle of champagne or on a single afternoon of partying. In other words, drinks and dishes are quite affordable and pocket-friendly.
Dance with Ricardo
And even if you can't get a selfie with one of your favorite celebs in the house, you'll have the chance to get a memorable selfie with Ricardo, a lighted mascot who happily dances on tables while handing out glowing sticks to patrons. Like everyone else, you'll be more than happy to hang out with this ever-smiling playboy. This will be your chance to trend on twitter for a couple of weeks with the hashtag, #DancewithRicardo.
To enjoy Bagatelle's infamous brunch, consider making reservations on Saturdays and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Do not forget to come with your entourage and at least one birthday boy or girl.

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