Best Clubs in Miami Beach

best clubs in miami beach

Here is the list of the best clubs in Miami Beach:

LIV Miami Nightclub

LIV has led the pack in the club scene of Miami since the year 2008 after the Fontainebleau Hotels crown jewel did a billion-dollar renovation. Bieber and Skrillex are among the long list of celebrities who have performed in the nightclub, and one of LIV’s most memorable moments was when Mark Cuban dropped over $100,000 on one bottle of champagne in the year 2013. That helped LIV prove to the word that the best days of Miami are not over. The opening of the nightclub happened for the popular Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and since then, they have continued to change the production world and they make new parties on a daily basis.

LIV Miami had to close in the fall of 2017 for a $10 million renovation. However, the renovation came with many benefits. Today, you will realize that the nightclub has over 400 digitally controlled LED panels that help make choreographed light shows – they occupy the domed ceiling of the nightclub. Music has also been changing as the world changes. Fridays are always open format. On Saturday, you will enjoy house music and Sunday is a great day for hip-hop lovers.

Story Miami Nightclub

Story is the second most popular club in Miami, after LIV. David Grutman realized that LIV wasn’t enough, so he chose to start the 27,000-square-foot club that offers over 60 VIP tables called Story. Standing at his own competitor, Grutman’s business plan was questionable at first but later people realized that it was wise because the year-round tourism in Miami has allowed most nightclubs to thrive.

Story nightclub has never been short of memorable moments. Mo Garcia, the long-time business partner of Grutman runs through the memorable moments as a man who has seen all of them. He remembers everything about the celebration of 2013 NBA Championship celebrations in the VIP section, Drake stage-diving from the nightclub’s DJ booth and Justin Bieber singing the Happy Birthday song to Grutman. Garcia claims that Story has remained in power due to the special mix of treatment and talent.

SLS Pool Party

SLS Pool Party is a good choice for people who love to party during the day! This party is located at the popular Hyde Beach pool inside the SLS South Beach Hotel.
When in South Beach, the SLS Pool Party is something that you would not want to miss. The parties on Fridays and Sundays, especially, have been attracting a lot of celebrities from all parts of the world.

Some of the things that make these pool parties events to remember are their champagne showers, bottle parades, nitrogen blasts, and just overall high-energy!  You have the chance to reserve day beds, cabanas, tables and orbitals. All that will assure you and your friends that you are in the best place.

Basement Miami

You are likely to be wowed when walking through the renovated Miami Beach but you should not get distracted. Head to the left and take the stairs down to the Basement, an ultra-hip nightclub situated underground. The club is only a few years old but it stands as one of the big and hot clubs on the Miami Beach. One of the things that have made it succeed is personality.
Most of the nightclubs in Miami have dance floors and some have bowling alley but Basement is very different from most of them. It has offers four Technicolor blowing lanes, which have stood as the leading attraction for patrons. You will find the lanes open between Thursday and Saturday each week. You can enjoy music and drinks while you roll. You just need to visit their website to reserve a lane.

If you are not a bowling enthusiast, you are likely to like the indoor skating rink. In fact, indoor skating is very limited in Miami. Basement offers a 2,000 square foot rink that is always available for the guests – you can rent skates. The ice will feel like it is a club by itself as it lights up in various shades. Hip-Hop DJs never fail to impress. You will find the dancehall full of beautiful people dancing.

Rockwell Miami

At Rockwell you will never know what to expect. Some guests like DJ Khaled, Diddy and Rick Ross frequent the area. Within the last few years, Rockwell has stood as one of the favorites of celebrities, particularly those searching for South Beach VIP sections. The heavyweight hip-hop bookings differentiate it from the others such as the popular Story, which is in closer proximity. If you need a great place to start your weeks, the Rockwell is a perfect choice – the Monday night party will help you kickstart your weeks.

However, the club does not cater to the average people. It favors the VIPs and features a discerning doorman that might be a big obstacle for unaccompanied males or tourists on busy nights. After getting into the bar, you should be ready for the Southern Beach prices. If you manage to pass the picky bouncers at the door, you will find people playing hip-hop music, rappers, bottle services or and some people dancing around. Most clubs are usually closed during the week but the perfect day to visit Rockwell is on Monday. It will surprise you if you never get time out during the weekends.

Mr Jones Miami

Mr Jones nightclub is located in the heart of South Beach and is considered a local favorite. When you first get to Mr Jones, you will notice is the state-of-the-art sound system and lighting. This club ensures that every guest experiences Miami nightlife the right way.

Mokai Miami

Mokai offers 4,000 square foot of events, party and dance space. The management caps the capacity at 220 people. You will find DJs spinning the latest hip-hop and house music as the lucky 220 kick their feet on wooden ottomans, admire the constant changing vibes.

The grand showcase bar of Mokai is an important focal point of the club. It features dramatic back bar bottles and glassware display. Guests have a chance of drinking various champagnes and spirits at the bar. They provide the VIP tables with a large selection of bottles. The DJ boots reign. Expect the newest hip-hop/open format. This spot is a celebrity favorite.


Miami offers a luxurious, extravagant and unforgettable nightlife experience. Most of the clubs situated in the heart of the beach offer vibrant scenes and cast the top DJs and performers. You will find five-star service staff, amazing music and vibe. You will definitely love the clubs in Miami Beach.

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