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LIV Miami nightclub has been the number one club in town, since its inception in 2008. The owner is Jeff Soffer (also the owner of the Fontainebleau hotel) and partner David Grutman from Groot Hospitality, formally known as MMG (Miami Marketing Group). LIV went under a major $10M renovation in the summer of 2017 to add a ceiling of LED panels to produce lights that move in sync with the music. The panels are attached in a Star shape that drops down from the ceiling over the crowd. Renovations also include art by local artists, as well as a projection stage area with customized backdrops.

LIV is the number one place to go if you are visiting Miami and trying to party at night. The nightclub caters to all music lovers and has a different theme each night. Wednesdays are open format/hip-hop, Thursdays are Reggaetón/Latin trap, Fridays are Top 40s/hip hop, Saturdays are EDM/House and Sundays are Hip Hop.

LIV on Sundays is the most popular night at LIV and it’s without a doubt, celebrities’ favorite party. Due to this reason, LIV doesn’t usually have tickets available on their website for Sundays, but they do make a few exceptions during spring break.

To get in on Sundays, you would have to make a table reservation or pay cover at the entrance – Both guys and girls have to pay. The average price is $100+ per person, and also, there aren’t any guest lists available on Sunday nights.

If you are interested in attending LIV (on any night), send us a message so we can assist you with pricing or any other questions you may have.



LIV Miami nightclub is located inside the Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach, at 4441 Collins Ave. When you come through the main entrance the club will be to the right side of the hotel. When you first walk inside, you will see the blue bar straight ahead, right past the white couches underneath the giant chandeliers in the lobby.

The club opens at 11:30 pm. Depending if you are on a guest list, purchased a ticket, or have a table reservation, you will have to enter through different areas. The ticket line will be up the stairs, to the right. You will see a line depending on the time you arrive, but it won’t take more than 30 minutes to get in (even if it’s long). If you have a table reservation, the entrance will be at the beginning of the lobby, by the white couches. Simply, walk to the front of the ropes and tell the doorman you have a reservation under the name you used to book the table, and you will be let in immediately without any waiting.


When you show up to your reservation, just make sure you have your credit card and ID ready. After being processed you will then be escorted to your table by either a VIP host or a bottle waitress. You will be taken to your table and presented with the menu where you can order anything you like, in order to reach or exceed your spending minimum.

When you have a table reservation it is always best to show up early in order to get a good location, as reservations work on a first come first serves basis. If you want to secure a specific table location, you can always pre-pay.


Guest Lists:

If you are on a guest list, walk into the lobby and text or call your promoter so they can let you know where to meet them – do not walk in without them or you will not be allowed at the promoter’s VIP table, assuming one is available.

The promoter will direct you on where to go. Usually, they will tell you to make your way to the front of the ropes, so they can tell the doorman to let you in.

Arrival time for guest lists is determined by the promoter. Make sure that you arrive at the time the promoter tells you as you will have to be walked in personally by the promoter. LIV does not have a guest list, the promoter does. Also, there are no name guest lists available, so saying a name at the door will not get you in. Always, be very patient and respectful to the doorman –*do not try to let yourself in or walk under the ropes*.


Tickets at LIV Miami are usually from $30-$80 depending on the night. LIV tickets can be purchased through their website directly. LIV does not have any promo codes available at the moment.

Arrival time for tickets should be before midnight to make sure that you get in. They do not guarantee entrance past 1 AM usually. For more information on times, you can read the fine print on the tickets.

Cover at LIV is usually from $60 - $100 if you are looking to just pay the cover because you don’t have a ticket already, or if you are a guy that wants to come with a girl that is already on a promoter’s guest list. Walk to the front of the ropes and tell the doorman you want to pay cover. If you are trying to go with the girls that are with the promoter, just tell the promoter ahead of time and they will work it out to where you can all walk in together.

Dress Code at LIV:

Dress code for LIV is pretty simple and is pretty much the same for every other club in Miami Beach. Ladies must wear heels or wedges – stay away from flats or flip-flops. You might compromise your group from getting in, only because you are not wearing the correct shoes. LIV is very strict with their dress code policy, so you might have a hard time or not be let in at all if you don’t comply, but other than heels, you can pretty much wear anything, just make sure you have heels on.

For guys, no shorts, jerseys, tank tops, cut up sleeved shirts, sandals or any kind of open-toed shoes are allowed. You don’t necessarily need a suit or button-up shirt or dress shoes in order to get in, jeans, shirt and sneakers will work, just as long as it looks good.

What's LIV Miami's Instagram?

LIV's Instagram is @LIVMiami

Age Requirement for LIV:

Everyone must be 21+ years of age and must present a valid government issued ID in order to get in at LIV.

Where To Park:

While most people Uber to LIV, the ones who still like to drive there, need to know where to closest parking options are available. Luckily, there is a public parking lot at Collins Avenue and 46th (just past the Eden Roc Hotel). It is called Public Parking Lot #71 and has approximately 426 parking spaces. They are open 24 hours, and there are lights throughout the lot for evening parking. Pricing for overnight parking is $48. Daily parking, no overnight, is $25 until 8 PM. After 8 PM it is a $35 flat fee. You can pay card or cash or download the app ParkWhiz to be able to pay online.

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