The Best Bars in Wynwood

When looking for things to do in Miami, South Beach will always top the list. This strip, which has been compared to Las Vegas, certainly has its fair share of Sin City. The strip is packed with DJs around the clock, barely-clothed revelers and perky club staff who are very much willing to pour shots down the throats of patrons. We're talking about a place where colorful characters will endlessly quench your thirst with the classic mojito.

But what do you do if you're no longer attracted to the fantasy of South Beach?  Well, there's more to Miami than the South Beach and that's thanks to the trendy district of Wynwood. Gone are the days when a vacation hardly ventured past the Ocean Drive. Believe it or not, no neighborhood in Miami has given the South Beach a run for its money and popularity than Wynwood.

Once an industrial hub and home to some of the biggest warehouses in Miami, Wynwood is currently home to not only the hottest galleries but also to the best restaurants and trendiest bars in Miami. That being said, let's look at some of the best places to dance the night out in Wynwood.

Wood Tavern 

Located in the heart of the Wynwood Art District, Wood Tavern is a hip, cheap and casual joint that expertly taps into a clientele of artists, musicians, creatives, and of course their groupies. With a laidback atmosphere, Wood Tavern is so cool that you'll be wondering why you hadn't discovered it earlier.

You'll not only relax on the vintage couches while savoring your favorite drinks that are on offer at absolutely affordable prices. This makes it a very great place to meet up with friends, grab a cocktail or a craft beer, and enjoy good company while listening to some good music.

The Graffiti-Covered Joint 

This graffiti-covered prides itself as one of the longest staples in Wynwood and is a great place to chill out any night of the week. However, do not fail to show up on Tuesday for some free tacos. If that doesn't work great for you, then just go there and relax alongside people with some good energy and vibes.

Wood Tavern has been around for so long that patrons have become family. The gorgeous waitresses will seem to know your favorite drink after a few visits. This is perhaps why this joint has become the most visited bar in Miami!  To make it even better, Wood Tavern seeks the services of world-class DJs who will make you feel happy and relaxed. It doesn't carry any air of danger and you'll fully enjoy yourself every time you walk through the door.

Dirty Rabbit 

Like most hangouts in Wynwood, Dirty Rabbit has an eclectic vibe about it. You'll not only get served by tattoo-clad bartenders but they'll probably ask you if you're dirty enough. That's because the bar oozes a lewd persona but with cheeky and great drinks to boot.

Honestly speaking, Dirty Rabbit is more popular with locals than tourists but that doesn't mean you won't enjoy some good time as a tourist. Apart from its name which may sound over-the-top to some, this place is uniquely designed with both an indoor and outdoor area just to ensure that you relax and enjoy yourself in a very beautiful and cool environment.

An assortment of Drinks 

As we've mentioned before, there are a lot of cheeky drinks on offer at Dirty Rabbit. You can try the Death Rider, but don't forget that you're in Miami and a tart margarita is a must. There's also a rabbit-themed carrot cake which has its liquid version of the dessert. This is a combination of Tanqueray gin, carrot juice, sweet vermouth, and lemon.

Good Mondays 

If you happen to be in Miami on a Monday and wondering where to party, just pop up at Dirty Rabbit. The club holds a party called Good Mondays to help you and other patrons deal with Monday blues. You need not be worried about having boring Mondays in Miami as long as Dirty Rabbit is still operational. Come down to Dirty Rabbit and you'll truly experience a magic atmosphere. Just be dirty enough.

Proyecto Tulum 

A vacation in Wynwood cannot be complete without a visit to Proyecto Tulum. Located on 23rd Street, Proyecto is one of Mexico's hottest and coolest go-to vacation destinations. It's undoubtedly one of the best places to chill out and recharge your vacation batteries in Miami.   Named after popular Mexico's coastal city of Tulum, this bar tries to give its patrons what they'd otherwise experience by going to Tulum. You'll, however, have to flow with the cool vibes of this gorgeous place as it will automatically transmit to you once you step on its front door.   Proyecto has something so special that it makes vacationing in Miami interesting and unusual. It has an authentic feeling that's so organic and natural, just like a lot of plants in there.

Never Go Hungry at Proyecto 

Being on an empty stomach in Proyecto is borderline abomination. Well, there are a lot of dishes on offer. You can rock your world with authentic Mexican taco and lots of other Mexican delicacies. And even if you're a vegan and eating clean is your second name, you'll never lack sumptuous vegan delicacies on offer. That's because Proyecto is about vegetation and fresh living. You'll come across traditional yet inventive Mexican cuisines.

Enjoy a Great Mixology 

According to Proyecto's owner, Brenda Aguera, drinks at the bar are uniquely mixed under the watchful eyes of the bar's creative Chef Omar Montero. The main aim is to enhance the patrons' sensorial journey in a very inimitable Mexican way.

Art Gallery Murals 

Do not forget that Proyecto is a bar that can still double up as an art gallery. It not only promotes artworks from local artists but also from international artists. This is an entertainment space that's also an exhibition, showroom, and a night club. In other words, Proyecto is a great place in Wynwood: a place where you'll enjoy the best of Mexican and Miami culinary culture, fine art, great music, and mezcal mixology. Walk in and enjoy the unique cultural concept right in the heart of Wynwood.

El Patio 

If Latino beats are your thing, then there's no better place to dance the night out than at El Patio. Located right at the heart of Wynwood neighborhood, this is a Latina Vintrash Lounge with a unique designed.

El Patio is one of the most popular establishments in the area and for the right reasons. The 3500 square foot space brings together a combination of art, handcrafted artisan cocktails, craft beers, and an array of exceptional music such as Latina beats, Cumbia Funk, Reggaeton, Salsa Vintage, Pacific vibes, Champeta and a handful of live performances.

A Patio Vibe 

With its al fresco lounging, El Patio is certainly designed to simulate every patron's patio. Imagine drinking at an outdoor patio that's reminiscent of your patio back home but with a cool touch of Latin America vibe. That's because the entire space is structured and furnished with a whole lot of Colombia mementos. You can imagine how much effort the owners of this place put in by shipping the entire furniture from Colombia.

Opened from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. every day apart from Mondays, you'll never lack some delicious biting such as hamburgers and wings. You'll also be able to sample a number of cocktails and concoctions that will help you enjoy the best of the affluent neighborhood of Wynwood.

While the bar has a loyal following of locals, it's a truly intriguing place for visitors.   El Patio is one of the reasons why they say Wynwood is the place to be on a Saturday night in Miami. Well, that's because it offers something different; something that has been described as a cozy abuela vibe. With beers costing around $1 and cocktails costing around $4 during happy hour, this is a place you'd want to show up early and you'll undoubtedly stay late.


Housed in the former Shikany space on 25th Street, KYU is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Wynwood. This is a great Asian-inspired eatery that will fulfill your gastronomic thirsts. You've probably been in charge of planning a group dinner for your friends.

Generally, they'll always want and suggest different things. While KYU can't provide for all these suggestions, it'll come close to what everyone needs. That's because the restaurant's unique fusion of American and Korean BBQ will definitely cover a lot of things.

Whether you want Thai coconut creamed spinach, pork belly or burrata, KYU will provide it. There's also Florida red snapper, cauliflower, and beef tenderloin that's magnificently grilled. With its farm-to-table philosophy, KYU prides itself as one of the most sustainable restaurants in Wynwood. From its steamed buns, grilled octopus to lettuce wraps, KYU has it all just to satisfy your appetite.

In short, almost everything about KYU is made with a Japanese and Korean mindset. This is the art of finding perfection in whatever might seem imperfect to others. The restaurant's laid back warehouse-like design elevates this joint into a ritzy hot spot: a place where you'll have a chic and tasty night out.

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